Xiomas Airborne Thermal Imaging Systems
combine the high spatial resolution of
framing cameras with the wide field of view
typically associated with airborne infrared line scanners

Xiomas Airborne Thermal Imaging Systems
Developed by Xiomas Technologies
With Funding from NASA and the U.S. Forest Service

High Performance Airborne Thermal Imaging Systems

  • 90 degree Total Field of View (programmable)
  • 150 uRadian Instantaneous Field of View
  • Flexible Operation serves a range of mission requirements
Operated from a 10,000 foot altitude at 190 knots
the system generates a 1.5 foot pixel with an
Acquisition Rate of 520,000 acres per hour

About Xiomas

Xiomas Technologies is a developer of
high performance imaging systems

Specializing in:
Requirement Analysis
Modeling for Remote Sensing Systems
System Engineering and Development
Software and Computer Engineering
Optical Engineering
Multispectral, Hyperspectral, and Thermal Infrared

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